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Buckeye Marching Band documentary “TBDBITL 141”

Event: Buckeye Marching Band documentary “TBDBITL 141” 

Date & Time: 6/12 Saturday 10am – 12pm.

Location: Virtual (Free of charge for anyone who signs up)

Hi Buckeyes, let’s enjoy together A documentary focusing on life inside The Ohio State University Marching Band.  As one of our own DFW student graduated from the Marching band last year, he was in the thick of it, it tells you the real story behind the scene before & after the half time show of each game. The documentary is a passion project for filmmaker and University Communications Director of National Broadcast Media Joe Camoriano. A former national anchor and reporter, video producer and director, Camoriano wrote, produced, directed and edited three previous documentaries: “Jewels of the Sun,” “Vanessa’s Story” and “Prodigy Brothers.”

For introduction & information only, watch the clip of link below on Youtube:

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